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Our Data Entry Services includes Image Data, Medical, Insurance, Online Data Entry, Excel Data Entry and Data Capturing Data Entry

          Managing loads of data and extracting the right kind of information can be quite tedious at times. Many companies and organizations today prefer to Outsource Data Entry Work at offshore services locations, as it proves to be a low cost effective and more profitable option, and remove management headaches as well.

Our Data Processing Services include Form Processing, Insurance Processing, Survey Processing and Image Processing. Data Processing

             Data Processing Pertains to the Capture, processing of data that originates from various sources.Data Processing is one of the faster growing segments of BPO insudtry in india, and the volume of data processing projects being outsourced to the country is amazing. We can take care of your end-to-end survey requirements at an affordable rate.

Data Conversion
Our Data Conversion services include PDf to Word, XML Conversion and HTML Conversion.
Our Data Conversion services include PDf to Word, XML Conversion and HTML Conversion. Web Designing

            We are a web designing company based in India, specializing in static web designing, flash web designing and web development. We strongly believe that web sites can enhance the brand value of an organization.

Data Conversion - Outsourcing XML Conversion

Outsourced Data Conversion ServicesIn the fast-paced business environment having data in one format is not going to help the companies to succeed in their business. Therefore data conversion services become essential. We at MK Infotech offer data conversion services that help the business to have data in different format to take effective decisions.

Outsourcing Data conversion has caught up over the years. With ever increasing business competition there is an urgent need to have the data in different formats. Having data in different formats help companies to take effective decisions, access documents from different points, assess and review reports, assign tasks, leverage the added feature of the new format and much more. Data conversion outsourcing helps you to cut costs and save time. Outsource your data conversion services to us and avail the benefits.

      Benefits of outsourcing data conversion services are:

  • It helps you to structure and digitize your data for easy accessibility.
  • It helps you to protect and prevent data loss or any misuse of data.
  • It helps you to simplify complex data into end user understandable format.
  • It helps you to reduce the cost incurred on data conversion as the rates in emerging market are cheap.

     Our conversion services include:

  • CAD conversion
  • PDF conversion
  • Catalog conversion
  • Data conversion
  • XML conversion
  • Document conversion
  • Book conversion
  • HTML conversion

Contact us with outsourcing XML conversion services.

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